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Color Me In

Choreographer(s): Jade Barth and Alexa Brevig

Dancer(s): Alexa Brevig, Kortni Godsey, Milan McGary, Stephanie Oregel, Alberto Sanchez, Rhea Suvak, Marieanna Thao, Promise Walters

Music: Tell Me, performed by Groove Theory. Composed by Bryce Wilson, Amel Larrieux, Darryl Brown, Rick James

Costumes Curation/Design: Jade Barth

Lighting Design: Jade Barth and Heather Castillo

About CI Dance Studies, speaker Jade Barth


This piece includes strobe effects

Choreographer(s): Kortni Godsey assisted by Alberto Sanchez

Dancer(s): Kortni Godsey & Alberto Sanchez

Music: Hit ’em Up Style, performed by Blu Cantrell. Composed by Dallas Austin.

Costumes Curation/Design: Kortni Godsey, Alberto Sanchez, and Melissa Godsey

Lighting Design: Kortni Godsey, Alberto Sanchez, Heather Castillo

Thank you to Heather Castillo and MiRi Park for being such wonderful people, being able to take their classes has really helped us improve our ability to move and choreograph. We would also like to thank everyone who came to watch and support!

So Far

Choreographer(s): Alexa Brevig

Dancer(s): Alexa Brevig

Music: All I Know So Far, performed by P!NK. Composed by P!NK, Justin Paul, Benj Pasek

Costumes Curation/Design: Alexa Brevig

Lighting Design: Alexa Brevig, Heather Castillo

Thank you to my mom and my dad for always supporting my dreams.


“Close your eyes and let your body express your feelings”

Choreographer(s): Sarah Ysordia with support from Alexa Brevig

Dancer(s): Sarah Ysordia, Deaf/Blind performer

Music: What a Feelin’, performed by Irene Cara. Composed by Giorgio Moroder, Keith Forsey

Costumes Curation/Design: Sarah Ysordia

Lighting Design: Sarah Ysordia & Heather Castillo

Make-up: Samantha Mendoza

Stage Support: Alexa Brevig & Ensemble Dancers

First, I would like to thank Heather Castillo for managing the dance program, Alexa Brevig for the fabulous support, the CI Dance Studies department, CI Dance Club students, CI Dance Club president Gabriela Perry. Also I would to thank the Disability Accommodation Support Services (DASS). Lastly, I want to thank my grandparents for believing in me despite my disability. My inspiration is my son Gabriel, I LOVE you my Angel, my infinity.

Flicker Re[collect]ed

Choreographer(s): Gabriella Perry

Dancer(s): Jade Barth, Alexa Brevig, Kortni Godsey, Milan McGary, Stephanie Oregel, Alberto Sanchez, Rhea Suvak, Marieanna Thao, Promise Walters

Music: Shit, I’m Dreaming composed and performed by Peter Cat Recording Co. 

Costumes Curation/Design: Gabriella Perry

Video comprised of personal photos from the performers, edited by Gabriella Perry

Lighting Design: Gabriella Perry and Heather Castillo

Citations: (any psych things about memory recall?)

Thank you to all the performers for their amazing work and dedication during this process.

Fundraising for Dance Studies and conference opportunities such as ACDA
Behind the Scenes in Dance Studies, our first year in review

A Sweet Jazz Piece

Choreographer(s): Milan McGary and Promise Walters, inspired by Heather Castillo

Dancer(s): Milan McGary and Promise Walters

Music: Candyman, performed and composed by Christina Aguilera.

Costumes Curation/Design: Milan McGary and Promise Walters

Lighting Design: Milan McGary, Promise Walters, Heather Castillo

I want to thank my mom and older sister for introducing the world of dance to me. Through being exposed to various styles and allowing me to enter an array of different dance environments, competitions, festivals, etc. I learned what it meant to be able to share something special with others and to do so confidently. Those at dance network in the hip-hop sector primarily, such as Bethany, Richard, Lauren, and others, thank you for giving me a sense of belonging, freedom and inner peace by accepting and pulling out an essence in me. Thank you for creating a similar environment at Channel Islands Thank you to Heather, Jade and others here for being aware of historical, political and social details in dance and for all the wonderful energy, vulnerability, choreography, and support that you give to me each night. It is because of people like you that dance, creativity, self expression, sharing, building community, enjoyment, freedom, and acceptance of my entire body, and with others is present.

Home Land Rhythms

Choreographer(s): Rhea Suvak

Dancer(s): Rhea Suvak

Music:  Alkonost Of Balkan – Rijeka, music by Hana Librenjak, lyrics by Miki Solus & Nina Kraljić

Costumes Design: Costume and tambourine: Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Church of San Gabriel

Lighting Design: Rhea Suvak and Heather Castillo

[                                        ]

Choreographer(s): Jade Barth

Performers: Jade Barth and Matthew Lawson

Composer: Matthew Lawson

Costumes Curation/Design: Jade Barth and Matthew Lawson

Lighting Design: Jade Barth, Matthew Lawson, Heather Castillo

We would like to thank our friends and family for all of their encouragement and support!


Choreographer(s): Super Shy by Black Q & Kim Eunju; Pretty U– by Young Jun; O.O by Beom Kim & Hae Ri Park, Bona Bona by Taryn

Restaged by: Kortni Godsey and Alberto Sanchez

Dancer(s): Jade Barth, Alexa Brevig, Kortni Godsey, Milan McGary, Stephanie Oregel, Alberto Sanchez, Rhea Suvak, Marieanna Thao, Promise Walters

Music: Super Shy performed by New Jeans;  Pretty U performed by Seventeen; O.O performed by NMIXX; Bona Bona performed by Treasure  

Costumes Curation/Design: Kortni Godsey and Alberto Sanchez

Lighting Design: Kortni Godsey, Alberto Sanchez, and Heather Castillo

K-Pop Culture encourages fans to recreate the original works. Here are the original works restaged for tonight’s performance:

Super Shy

Pretty U


Bona Bona

Thank You to Heather Castillo and all of the amazing performers for all of your hard work, we couldn’t have made this possible without everyone’s determination!

Thank You

Roots in Flow would not be possible without the support from the following people. 
Bernardo, Diego, & Lucas Castillo for supporting and caring for mama.
MiRi Park, for always going above and beyond, for always knowing what holes to fill, and to helping build the dream.
To our family, friends, and supporters. You help make it possible to follow our dreams.  
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